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Turn Your Passion into Profit: Making Money Blogging

There is something you and over 7.2 billion people share in common.


Each of us all have something or things we are Passionate about.


Thing you can spend hours doing or talking about and not feel bored, it could wine, food, family, football, politics, love, sex, business even work. A passion that when someone ask for details, you will explain it so knowledgeably and intricately.


Most likely you have been told that you have a gift, that you should turn your passion into profit. But you keep asking yourself, how does you passion for your favorite team, food or sex make money for you. 


It might surprise you that some people are already doing just that.


Do the name Linda Ikeji, Jim Boyce, Epi Phora and Emily Anderson, ring any bells.


These are all people who turned their passion in profit, by using one normally overlooked free medium. Which has generated a over $10,000, including followership, popularity and fame for them.


What medium did they use?


A simple blog.


A place where they talked about the things they are passionate about, which attracted quite a lot of people who share the same passions with them. This constant traffic of people who shared their passion, helped them make money blogging.


You can do the same and like them, you can make money whiling doing it.


So how do you get started?


Pick an idea your passionate about


Let’s say your a Manchester United Fan (Up Blues), scratch that. Let’s say you are a Man-U uber fan. You know all their players and their stats. You even know when the Morinho makes a bad decision.


These are the type of information you can use to create a blog, one that lots of Man U fans will love to come to. They may also want to chip in a thing or two on how wrong or right you are.


So be it football or where ever your passion lies, once you have decided on it, its time for you get started creating your blog and turn your passion into profit.


Pick a blog platform


turn your passion into profit

There are various blogging sites you can start with.


Blogspot which is run by Google might be your best bet to get started small. hat Linda Ikeji started blog on Blogspot and is still on it till date. You can sign up to blogspot with your google account, if not you can go ahead and create a new account.


WordPress is another blog, they are known for give quality themes that is usually lacking in blogspot. Using the themes, you can make your blog look as professional as any major website out there. Thats the reason why its the most used blog platform ever.


Medium is a new and hip type of blog platform that focuses on story writing, it combines wordpress and blogspots unique  features and makes it an interesting new mix that helps promote blogs created on it.


All of these platforms are easy to setup and run, with no technical or ICT skills required on your part.


The advantage of these platforms, they all have mobile apps, so you can blog from your mobile without the need for using a pc.


Write as the spirit leads you


turn your passion into profit

Once you have set up your blog, you will need to do next is create a page that tells any visitor to your blog what the blog is about, who you are and why your passionate about what you are blogging about.


If your passionate about football and about the Gunners you can write a brief description about your team and what your blog will focus on.


Now that your about page is ready, you just have to publish it. By hitting the publish button. Once published your About page becomes active online, meaning that anyone on the Internet can access it.


Now it’s time to begin blogging about your passion.


Select new post or click post tab on your blog.


Enter a title for the topic you want to write about, then begin to tell your story about your passion. Once you are done, hit the publish button.


You first post is now active, now its time to write another one and another. 




People who love what your talking about, will not be satisfies with just one post.


Think about it, you browse the web looking for something, you find a blog post that explains in details what you have been searching for.


After reading it, you want to find out what else the blog has that’s related to what you are looking for, but aside from that one post there is nothing else, would you leave or stay?


Most people will leave, that’s the reason you need to keep creating more blog posts.


Plus since your blog is about something your passionate about, you most like wouldn’t run out of posts to write about. 


Keep Writing Keep Sharing


turn your passion into profit


Let the spirit of your passion lead you to keep writing about it and creating new blog post.


Make it a habit of taking notes about any ideas that come to you which relate to your passion, get a little note taking app on your phone, tablet or pc. Write as often as you can, no matter how brilliant you ideas are or how lame it may sound.


Every so often, take the time to look back at the things you have written and decide which of them is good enough for you to create a blog post.


Now remember, as you create more and more post, you will want people to find these posts. One way to do this is through social media, share your posts as often as you write them, so you friends and family can get to read them. 


Check your stats


The best way to know if what you are doing is having any results is by measuring your progress over a period of time.


As you create more and more blog posts, you will need to know if what you are doing is having impact.


The best way to do that is through your blog stats page.


This will tell you how many people have visited your site and what pages and posts they interested in. From this information, you can determine if all your efforts were worth it or not.


Pay attention to the number of daily visitors and page views you blog sees per day. If they are high, you immediately know that people are finding your blog posts useful and are willing to come back each time you post a new one.


If they figures are low, you shouldn’t give up just yet. 


It might just mean you need to do more sharing or spend more time working on your blog posts, to better present them to people coming to you blog.




Everyone has something they are passionate about.


Sharing that passion with the rest of the world might be hard for some and easy for others.


But, by sharing what your passion through a blog, opens you up to people that share the same passion with you and are open to discuss about it.


So get started today, create a blog around your passion. Share it and grow it, and if you have an problems along the way.


Feel free to drop a comment about it and let’s see what we can do to help you.

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